• UFO White
    Harpoon UFO White AleBarbecue sauce – the staple of summer cooking. I grow weary of the same ole ketchup/tomato based sauces. On a day when the early morning temp was already 85, I decided to challenge myself with creating a light, unique barbecue sauce recipe for chicken or pork, deserving of the UFO White beer. To be honest, the lightness of the UFO White, with notes of orange & coriander (and I swear I detected a hint of banana! Some say a note of hay – I’ve personally never tasted hay!), I felt this was the perfect beer to meet this challenge. Warning: this is such a fabulous summer beer, you’ll have your own challenge to not drink several while you’re making this! Copyright © Henriettibles 2014 All Rights Reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced without Henriettibles' express consent. Backlinks are allowed.  
  • Guinness
    I’m known for my mac and cheese. I mean REALLY known. It occurred to me that I hadn’t made a Cookin’ with Craft version. What better time than March with Guinness Irish Lager. I’ll admit, I have way more Greek in my bloodline than Irish, but I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as if I had a double dose of Irish in me (I KNOW there’s a dirty joke or two in there!). Enjoy your Henriettibles Guinness Irish Lager Mac & Cheese with a smooth and creamy glass of Guiness! Erin go bragh!
  • best eggnog Evah!

    I worked to re-create this eggnog recipe for several weeks (it was a tough gig!).

    Back story: I remember when I was 13 or so, I made fresh eggnog for the first time. I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I have no idea what that recipe actually was, but this (minus the booze!) is the taste that I remember - or close to it. I know  didn't have cloves or cardamom, but I think they add some nice warmth to the recipe. This recipe is the best I've ever had!!!  Or made!!
    • I used the store bought to make the Henriettibles Peppermint Eggnog Martini, and while store bought eggnog is passable for the martini, it's only available seasonably. THIS eggnog, you can make any time you have a "Hank"ering - for eggnog or a tasty martini!

    A couple notes:

    • You can reduce the amount of bourbon and/or rum to taste.
    • RAW EGG WARNING!!!!!  If you don’t get pasteurized eggs, be sure to properly test the eggs before using to avoid salmonella poisoning.
      • The FDA suggests avoiding contact between the egg white/yolk and the exterior shell.
      • If your immune system is compromised, you should avoid consuming foods that contain raw eggs.
  • For a special drink for the holidays, but refreshing and yummy any time, enjoy the kiss of minty Peppermint and the holiday spirit of Eggnog in an easy to make and enjoy martini.

    For this I used store bought eggnog. But if you want to make your own eggnog for this martini, just visit our Henriettibles Best Eggnog EVAH recipe!

    This martini is Mild and Refreshing.  Mmmmmmm!

    Copyright © Henriettibles 2012 All Rights Reserved. No part of this website may be reproduced without Henriettibles' express consent. Backlinks are allowed.
  • Henriettibles version of RumChata pumpkin pies done

    One of my favorite versions of pumpkin pie for the Holiday season is made with a rum variation of horchata, called "RumChata". It's quite the yummy concoction.

    The RumChata.com website posted the original version of this recipe. And I have seen and tried several other variations of this special pumpkin pie, which were based on the original recipe. But the others all seemed a little off to my taste, and some were even missing key ingredients! I've done a little tweaking to the recipe, and this is my RumChata pumpkin pie recipe for you to prepare and enjoy with family and friends! The great thing about cooking with any liquor like this? I can also put it in my coffee! Now THAT is how you start the day right! I've also added my pie crust recipe, 'cause that's how I roll!  :)

    Got a question about this, or any of our Henriettibles Recipes, please Contact Us! We love to hear from you!

A “Sweet Shop”, full of delectable delights, in a barbecue joint, you say? Brisket, ribs and smoked turkey living in harmony with red velvet cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies the size of your head, you say? I say an exuberant, “OH MY!!!” 4 Rivers Smokehouse has expanded to the River City, and they’re making a statement.

As you enter 4 Rivers Smokehouse, you immediately notice the comfortable, clean, modern space in front of you. Your heart...

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Cider, cider everywhere, but which one do we drink? Some ciders are really sweet and literally taste like you just bit into an apple.  Some are mild, with just a hint of apple aroma. Some are not sweet at all, and quite bubbly.  Yes, literally every hard cider is different (and they are all gluten free!). Like wine and beer, they have a very distinct personality.  I created this recipe to complement Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider, a beautiful,...

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Unlike the James Dean version of a rebel, the new Samuel Adams Rebel IPA does have a cause!  And, that cause is to make your 4th of July grilling fireworks worthy. We’ll step out of the box a bit; this IPA deserves better than the usual grilling marinade. Meet the Samuel Adams Rebel IPA Grilled Orange Rosemary Chicken.  Upon opening a bottle of Samuel Adams Rebel IPA, you’ll be able to smell the piney-ness immediately, and...

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Strawberries just might be nature’s perfect fruit. They’re low in calories, but high in fiber. They have potassium & magnesium, which promotes bone health. And, so much more. Now, real Louisiana strawberry juice is in beer. Seriously! Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager adds the juice after filtration, so it maintains all the fabulous aroma and flavor of the strawberries. The taste…. It’s incredible. Pair it with lighter foods and cheeses, it’s a party. Put it in...

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I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Beer, grapefruit, brie and grandma’s apple crisp?  What the what?”  Welcome to the delicious world of craft beers! This Schofferhofer Grapefruit Brie Apple Crisp will conjure up some of those wonderful grandma’s cooking memories, but it will also bring you into the new (ish) & exciting world of craft beer, and all the fabtastic foods you can create. Alone, this Schofferhofer Grapefruit hefeweizen is refreshing to the taste buds and nose, worthy of any spring fling...

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I was hungry. That’s how this happened. I was simply hungry. I looked in the fridge and noticed there was brie that was at the “need to be consumed or else” phase. I just happened to pick up pizza dough at the deli yesterday. I recalled there was prosciutto in the “spare” fridge on the back patio. The final piece was sweetness. How do I add sweetness without ruining the savory of the flatbread? Glancing around the kitchen and in the...

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PrintSpring is finally in the air! When I think of spring, I think of wild flowers blooming. And that they need rain. When I hear rain, I want to dance naked in it. Then I look in the mirror. The effects of winter are apparent. The need to shed the hibernation hips takes over! “Must eat salad”, rambles around in my head. Enter Dogfish Head Theobroma (which translates to “Food...

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Mocha brownies. Chocolate. Bourbon. White Chocolate. Ganache.

It’s the stuff dreams and Valentine’s Day are made of. Since I’m on an anti-Valentine’s kick, I thought I’d make an effort to embrace it for the sake of others. This is my good deed for the day.

I mean, how hard can it be? Brownies. You just can’t be grumpy with brownies. Make them a little mocha-ie to change them up a bit. Cut them into hearts (I promise, I resisted the urge...

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Ahhh, February. Visions of hearts, Cupid, chocolate, champagne and beer dance before your eyes. Wait! Beer? No, you aren’t seeing things. I DID say beer. No matter if you love, or despise, Valentine’s Day (I personally host a “Cupid is Stupid” party each year!), this vision of New Belgium Brewing Snapshot Wheat Beer Lobster Ravioli with a New Belgium Brewing Snapshot Wheat Beer Browned Butter Cream Sauce will create a love affair with your taste buds that will last...

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