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In honor of National Pina Colada Day (which is July 10th), I have created a pina colada that didn’t taste like fake coconut, and didn’t make me feel like I was sipping shredded toxic waste.
I promise, if you don’t like the cloyingly sweet pina coladas, but like the flavors, you’ll love this recipe!

I was lucky, being a true hedonist, I had all items required on hand. As a habit, if I don’t eat bananas before they wither, I...

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It’s beginning to look at lot like…..  Whoops. Getting a little ahead of myself. It’s TURKEY TIME! One of the things I strive to do is take the mystery out of cooking. Well, and have a few cocktails. Folks have mentioned to me that turkey brining seems so complicated. Or so many cooking shows have led them to believe. Yes. turkey brine. I’m here to tell you, brining is EASY! Brine is simply a mixture of salt and water. Then add...

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After ringing in the New Year, all that debauching from the Holidaze has given you “buyers remorse”. Packed on a few pounds, eh? I know I did my fare share debauching pound packing! So, we’ve all decided we’re going to exercise every day, eat right, drink less. Torture is what I call it!

Believe it or not, you can actually come up with some pretty tasty recipes that won’t pack on the pounds, but they will give you plenty of...

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Turkey brine. It strikes fear in the hearts of many. B-R-I-N-E. Say it. Love it. Embrace it. It’ll change your turkey day!  Brining turkey, chicken or pork creates a succulent and ahhhmaaazing beast. Be creative. Use your imagination. Just follow the basics of brining, and you can create magic. Add whatever flavors you love. I like to throw a little Hanky Panky in there. 🙂 Grab a glass of wine and follow along!

Chow yumly!


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For some reason, many folks find the prospect of making a pie crust from scratch to be very daunting.

Baking is a science; if you don’t use precise measurements, you’ll end with a science project gone wrong. You know that commercial that the volcano science project explodes all over the kitchen ceiling?  Often times, people who aren’t afraid to make pie crust, really shouldn’t be doing it. The first secret for a great pie crust recipe is FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS...

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need a substitute in the kitchenYou know that day you finally decide to get creative in the kitchen? It just happens to be the same day that it’s raining cats & dogs or you’re area is having the snow storm of the century. You just can’t get to the store!

Here are a few simple baking substitutions and cooking substitutions for some common ingredients.

Happy dance!

  • 1 square (1 oz) unsweetened chocolate  ...
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Yeah, just like me…Sweet and spicy…. 🙂

General rule of thumb with brining. 1 cup of kosher salt per gallon of water. Then add whatever the hell you want!!!!

Here’s the Sweet and Spicy Turkey Brine scoop; another incredible way to prepare Turkey.

I have to say… this was awesome on a stick. The turkey was more than amazing.

I just made the gravy from the drippings. I literally had to do nothing to flavor it except a tiny bit of...

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