Cookin’ with Alcohol

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One of my favorite versions of pumpkin pie for the Holiday season is made with a rum variation of horchata, called “RumChata”. It’s quite the yummy concoction.

The website posted the original version of this recipe. And I have seen and tried several other variations of this special pumpkin pie, which were based on the original recipe. But the others all seemed a little off to my taste, and some were even missing key ingredients!


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I’m one of those people who starts searching for something on line, and I end up miles away; no where near my original intent. Maybe it’s because my mom bought Encyclopedia Brittanica for us as kids. My brother, Bill, and I would just pick a volume and start reading. Yes, Virginia, this was well before the internet. So, this morning, I started looking for St. Patrick’s Day cover photos for my Facebook page, and somehow I ended up reading...

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Yes, I did. I put Full Throttle S’loonshine Moonshine into a traditional, all American dish, and turned Apple Brown Betty right on her head. Why? ‘Cause I can, and that’s what I do! Purists – you have NO idea what you’re missing. The rest of you fun folks will love it. I had it for breakfast. And, I’ll probably have it tonight for a night time snack. I could, honestly, eat it for every meal.

I know you’re wondering, Betty? Who...

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Mocha brownies. Chocolate. Bourbon. White Chocolate. Ganache.

It’s the stuff dreams and Valentine’s Day are made of. Since I’m on an anti-Valentine’s kick, I thought I’d make an effort to embrace it for the sake of others. This is my good deed for the day.

I mean, how hard can it be? Brownies. You just can’t be grumpy with brownies. Make them a little mocha-ie to change them up a bit. Cut them into hearts (I promise, I resisted the urge...

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