19 March, 2014
Hank Watson

Henriettibles founder, Henrietta “Hank” Watson

Henriettibles is an incarnation of me. I’m Henrietta “Hank” Watson. I am a:

  • Creative cook
  • Food blogger
  • Wine enthusiast
  • Vodka & bourbon fanatic
  • Shoe obsessed
  • Coffee lover
  • Hedonist

I love creative cooking and sharing recipes on my Henriettibles website. I love helping other people understand how to cook, even when they think they can’t. I also love to entertain. Some segments will feature just a recipe, and others will be meal/entertaining focused.

WARNING: I may get a little bawdy at times. Okay, I am bawdy pretty regularly!

Sit down and have a glass of wine (or bourbon [Jesse James Bourbon, of course] or vodka, or…) with me while we cook! Please feel free to enjoy my recipes and share them with your friends and family.

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If you’d like to see my take on how to prepare a main dish, a side, or a dessert, please Contact Henriettibles to let us know.  We enjoy creating good food and putting my spin on recipes.  Cooking is fun, and sharing good food with friends is great!