4 Rivers Smokehouse Sweetly Graces the River City

04 June, 2014 / by Hank Watson

A “Sweet Shop”, full of delectable delights, in a barbecue joint, you say? Brisket, ribs and smoked turkey living in harmony with red velvet cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies the size of your head, you say? I say an exuberant, “OH MY!!!” 4 Rivers Smokehouse has expanded to the River City, and they’re making a statement.

As you enter 4 Rivers Smokehouse, you immediately notice the comfortable, clean, modern space in front of you. Your heart skips a beat as you realize this ain’t your daddy’s barbecue hangout. The mouth-watering aromas surround you, as the high top, community style tables beckon you enjoy the food that is patiently waiting to satiate your now rumbling belly.

4 Rivers is well known for their brisket; they expect to serve 1.2 million (yes, million) pounds of the melt in your mouth beef in 2013. The ribs are lovingly smoked until the tender meat falls right off the bone. The smoked turkey……. Oh, the beautifully rubbed, unbelievably moist, smoked turkey. I have found a new love!

After pondering the menu of carnivore-tastic meat, you now have the task of deciding of two sides.  4 Rivers prides itself on their wonderful sides – there’s a plethora to choose from. I’m a picky baked bean person, and these are the best I’ve encountered in a restaurant. The coleslaw was fresh and creamy; a perfect cooling accompaniment to the spicy 4 Rivers barbecue sauce.

Sweet Shop, how do I love thee? All goodies are made fresh daily. Cupcakes of red velvet, grasshopper and chocolate on chocolate dance before my eyes. Cookies, cakes and treat bars of every flavor and size.

Visit 4Rivers Smokehouse, leave your barbecue joint perceptions behind and be prepared to say, “Oh my!!!”

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